SMUG was started in April 1985 by Robert Newbold. The first president was Neil Sherwood. Doug Parrow, who still lives in Salem, was another founding member and served as the first vice-president then three years as president.

I started this organization last April simply because it was needed. I believe that it will prosper more fully with an interested group of officers in charge. I’ll help. Let’s keep things stirred up and lively. A moderate diet of open and lively controversy makes for a healthy organization. Don’t just sit there, stir the pot!

Neil Sherwood
SMUG’s February 1986 newsletter

The first newsletters were one-page announcements of the meetings, but within a year had become very informative with 6-8 pages. By 1987 newsletters were being mailed to 100 members. At one time the mailing/membership list was more than 200!

We built the membership numbers by offering a variety of Saturday morning workshops on basic Mac use – Word, Excel, FileMaker, graphics, HyperCard, etc. We linked up with Salem-Keizer Schools for the workshops and held one nearly every month. The workshop fee included a year’s club membership.

—Doug Parrow